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HP VME CCA Repair inspection HP VME Repair

Alimar also offers HP VME Board repair. Boards that are deemed defective for a variety of reasons can be tested and troubleshot on a per board, or contract basis. Currently we have had a 95% success rate in repairing graphic & terminal features on 743 & 744 boards. 


Basic fees do apply to the process:

 Generally a 'bench fee' is charged regardless of the work performed. If the board is un-repairable you are only charged the bench fee. If the board is indeed repairable, the bench fee is waived and you will be charged for the work performed.


The diagnostic process generally takes 24-48 hours to complete. Basic repairs with in-house parts are returned in 1-2 weeks after receipt of the product. Parts that we do not have in stock generally come from either Europe or Asia, and these repairs can take between 3-4 weeks depending on complexity. Our VME repair staff take great pride in their efficiency and try to have most common parts available in stock.


There are certain boards that do have a set price. We have a 'mean price' policy and each client knows prior to worked being performed what their cost is going to be. There are no hidden charges, as we strive to have a transparent process.


We have on occasion had to rework boards that had been 'repaired' by others and the people who perform our repairs take great personal pride in their abilities, which enable us to return boards in a equivalent to new condition.


Such repairs a conducted in a clean room environment with the highest standards of ESD protection available.


If you are interested in having a board repaired or a repair quoted, please contact Ronan O'Doherty,  Director of Technical Services at: or contact him by phone (603) 679-2990




 Boards that we have successfully repaired will carry a warranty directly from us. Once we have repaired a VME board we fully stand by the repair involved. An optional service is to  include installing latest revisions of the CPU firmware to your VME card.


Depending on the configuration of the boards you have and your intended upgrade path, the firmware may need to be updated to accommodate for example the 256MB Memory Module on the 744/165L and 744/132L Anole Processors. Turnaround time for updating to HP PDC 4.4 is generally 48 hours for US based clients.


77A119752P1 - Alternate LM part number for 744/165L

77C732086G1 - Alternate LM part number for 744/165L


 Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or would like a formal quote on your repair project.


Please contact or contact him by phone (603) 679-2990



1FA6-0001 HP Visualize EG Graphics Chip              HP PDC & IODC  Chips


HP 744/165L CPU (A4500-66016) with onboard Visualize-EG graphics


Please contact or contact him by phone (603) 679-2990




HP 744/165L CPU HP 744/165L CPU

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